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Mangasm & Aneros Prostate Massagers Explained & Reviewed

How to Massage Prostate with Mangasm

June 25th, 2010Posted by admin

The basic use of most prostate stimulation toys is really simple, but all toys aren’t created equal. Let’s get into how to massage prostate with the Mangasm a little bit. It doesn’t matter which model of the Mangasm you end up choosing, at least for the beginning, because even though they’ll each have a different feel to them they all work the same way. How to massage prostate areas both internal and external are done easily because the Mangasm is shaped to stimulate the prostate from inside the anus and also just outside the ass.

Most men already know how to massage prostate or g-spot areas from outside the body by applying pressure to the area just behind the balls. Girls often get a good rise out of guys by licking that area, and next time you feel adventurous you should let your girlfriend lick your asshole a little too. Anyway, when you want to use your Mangasm to figure out how to massage prostate areas internally, it works fairly easily.

Like with any toy, you want to start out with lubricant. Girls are lucky because they have natural lubricant that can be used to slip things into them but guys need to have an outside source. Spit can work but if you want to learn how to massage prostate in a good way, get an anal lubricant. Slide the Mangasm in after you’ve lubed up and slowly push it into place. The shape of the Mangasm will make the transition easy. When it’s in, try gently pushing the Mangasm against your prostate manually to get a feel for it. Yeah, it feels good, but it will feel even better when you let go of the handle. Try thrusting either into your hand or even just into the air: you’ll be in for an orgasmic surprise.