Prostate Massagers: How to Choose the Right One
Mangasm & Aneros Prostate Massagers Explained & Reviewed

How to Massage Your Prostate without a Massager

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Some men don’t have access to a proper prostate massager, either because they can’t afford it or because they are ashamed to order one and have someone find it around the house. If you really want to learn how to massage your prostate and you don’t want to invest in a new toy, it is possible. The orgasms you can achieve from doing it yourself are still far better than no prostate stimulation at all, but how to massage your prostate without a massager won’t be nearly as good as other options.

The most common practice for how to massage your prostate is simply using your fingers. If this is how you want to do it, you definitely want to start in the shower. There not only can you be assured that your ass is clean but you will also have an easier time sliding your finger into your ass. Chances are that you won’t be able to get your finger far enough in to reach your prostate, but you can figure out how to massage your prostate by rubbing the spot just behind your balls. If you do that while having a finger up your ass, it will enhance your orgasm immensely.

Another option for how to massage your prostate is to use a dildo or a vibrator. You probably want a smaller one so that you have an easier time getting it in, but it needs to be long enough to hit the right spot inside your ass. When you use one of these types of toys, you will need to use your hand to have it in place while you masturbate which can take some skill, but the end result will still be an incredible orgasm that you’d never have without it.

Overview of the Amazing Prostatic Massage

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Men and women can both enjoy anal stimulation, but only men get the true pleasure of a prostatic massage. The prostate is the male g-spot, so a prostatic massage lets men experience something that only girls had the opportunity to before: the perfect orgasm. While playing with the ass might seem weird for some men, it’s something where guys really shouldn’t knock it until they try it.

There are two areas where a man can get the effects of a prostatic massage. Most people already know one of the two areas because it is on the exterior of the body. The location behind the balls and before the asshole is actually right next to a very sensitive part of the prostate, so any pressure applied there can be a prostatic massage, although reaching this area during intercourse and certain foreplay positions can be extremely difficult.

The other area where men can really feel the orgasmic advantages of a prostatic massage is inside the anus. The area is pretty deep in, which is why so many men don’t get the opportunity to experience this type of orgasm. Ideally, a man can use one of the many prostate massager sex toys that are on the market because they can reach far enough into the ass without causing a lot of pain. A really good prostate massager will not only stimulate the area inside the ass but it can also apply pressure to the external area at the same time, which allows for the prostate to be stimulated from both angles. Not only will it result in orgasms that most men have never had before, it will also make it possible to have these orgasms during sex leaving both the man and woman extremely satisfied.

Get the Best Male Prostate Massage!

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Let’s talk about Aneros prostate massager and how it gives an incredible male prostate massage. Even though you can have a whole new orgasm just by using the Aneros in a basic way, there are techniques that can be applied to a male prostate massage that can intensify your orgasms so much so that it will literally be the best orgasm ever. Did you know that with a good prostate massager a guy can orgasm multiple times in one sitting? I bet you want to know how, right?

Just about every guy knows the trick of lasting longer in bed by thinking of something not sexual, and the same theory can work for a male prostate massage. When you have the Aneros in place, whichever model you went with, you should try not focusing on the pleasure you are getting and instead keep your mind on something else. Once you get the hang of that, you should be experiencing smaller orgasms that don’t result in ejaculation followed by an explosive orgasm that has you cumming all over the place.

You can even make the most of your male prostate massage during sexual intercourse. Instead of trying to last longer, keep going until you are right about to cum. Before you do, switch your focus to the Aneros and how you are controlling it. By focusing on the prostate stimulation rather than the action happening around your penis you’ll have a minor orgasm without ejaculating, so you can just keep going and going. You’ll be able to do this for a few times, and then when you are ready to be finished you’ll get an orgasm unlike any other, and it’s all thanks to the male prostate massage.

When to Use Prostate Massaging

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

You may have heard stories about how good prostate massaging feels and how it can help you health-wise. The next thing you might be wondering about is when the best times to use prostate massaging are. When you are just starting out, you probably want to be using your Mangasm in privacy. Showers can be a great place to start because warm water is sensual and stimulating by itself, and lots of guys already jerk off in the shower. The water will also help you get the Mangasm into place, and since it is hands free you can continue to do what you normally do. My only advice is to make sure you have something to hold on to because when you cum from prostate massaging, you’ll need something for keeping your balance.

Of course if you don’t want to be standing when you are testing out the results of the epic orgasms, the bedroom or any other place you masturbate works well. If you can watch porn while you are getting into prostate massaging it can help to take away any nervousness you might have about it. Find a porno that you really enjoy and go to.

The best place to bring out prostate massaging is in the bedroom. Women who love anal play will probably love seeing you play with your ass too. Besides the visual turn on, your intensified orgasms with the Mangasm will definitely be noticed by your partner whether you are cumming in her or on her. Plus, once you get the hang of it you can orgasm multiple times and still be hard. Every time she cums you can cum with her, making foreplay last twice as long without missing out on the sex, so both of you get the time of your lives!

Health Benefits for Prostate Massage Milking

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Playing with the Mangasm prostate massager not only feels absolutely amazing but you might find that prostate massage milking might also be what you need to keep your prostate healthy as well. Despite how prostate massage milking sounds, it really is just referring to using the prostate massage for sexual pleasure. The reason it needs its own term is because prostate massages were originally intended to produce better health for men. Now men can have the health benefits and the sexual pleasure of prostate massage milking with toys like the Mangasm!

The reason men need to use prostate massages to stay healthy is because often the prostate will swell up, especially in older men. Some men will have more trouble with it while others might not have any prostate issues, but either way you’d be surprised to find out that your doctor might recommend prostate massages to keep problems from occurring in the future. So, why deny yourself the chance to be healthy and have incredible sex? It seems just silly now doesn’t it?

Since the Mangasm is a toy that specializes in prostate massage milking, it also does wonders in relieving the pressure that might have built up in the prostate. The prostate is actually a part of the male reproductive system, which is why it feels so good to play with. Because the prostate is such an important part of the reproductive system, it makes it that much more important to keep it as healthy as possible. Prostate massage milking for pleasure not only helps to keep the prostate healthy, but it will also help you to catch possible growth in the prostate that can indicate cancer or other serious health issues. It makes anal stimulation more interesting, doesn’t it?

How to Massage Prostate with Mangasm

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

The basic use of most prostate stimulation toys is really simple, but all toys aren’t created equal. Let’s get into how to massage prostate with the Mangasm a little bit. It doesn’t matter which model of the Mangasm you end up choosing, at least for the beginning, because even though they’ll each have a different feel to them they all work the same way. How to massage prostate areas both internal and external are done easily because the Mangasm is shaped to stimulate the prostate from inside the anus and also just outside the ass.

Most men already know how to massage prostate or g-spot areas from outside the body by applying pressure to the area just behind the balls. Girls often get a good rise out of guys by licking that area, and next time you feel adventurous you should let your girlfriend lick your asshole a little too. Anyway, when you want to use your Mangasm to figure out how to massage prostate areas internally, it works fairly easily.

Like with any toy, you want to start out with lubricant. Girls are lucky because they have natural lubricant that can be used to slip things into them but guys need to have an outside source. Spit can work but if you want to learn how to massage prostate in a good way, get an anal lubricant. Slide the Mangasm in after you’ve lubed up and slowly push it into place. The shape of the Mangasm will make the transition easy. When it’s in, try gently pushing the Mangasm against your prostate manually to get a feel for it. Yeah, it feels good, but it will feel even better when you let go of the handle. Try thrusting either into your hand or even just into the air: you’ll be in for an orgasmic surprise.

Searching for a Prostate Massage Video

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

If you’re having trouble following written out instructions for prostate stimulation, it’s usually helpful to see it visually to know how you’re supposed to be using a toy like the Aneros. A prostate massage video might be just what you need to make sure you’re doing it right, but unfortunately they might seem a bit scarce depending on where you look. The Aneros website used to have a prostate massage video to help promote their toys, but I haven’t been able to get it to work lately so I’ve been having to go elsewhere when trying to show my partners how to use it.

The best bet for finding a good prostate massage video would be to simply search for it through whatever search engine you usually use. Most of the videos that will come up are completely educational, which is great when you need a prostate massage video to show you how it works. However, sometimes a guy needs more visual confirmation about how well it works too.

You probably watch porn, but in all the porn that you’ve seen you probably haven’t noticed that the guys are getting anal pleasure as well as the girls. In some cases, porn can be the best option for a prostate massage video because you’ll be able to see how the “stars” do it, and how much they enjoy it. If you’re still nervous about giving the Aneros MGX a try, one way you can make it easier on yourself is to watch a porno where the guy is also using a prostate massager and just imitate what he does. Then not only do you get the awesome g-spot stimulation but you can also pretend you’re the guy in the video doing all the gorgeous girls.

How to Have a Good Prostate Massage

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

For simplicity sake, for this explanation I’ll just use the Aneros MGX as the toy I’m talking about. Here I’m explaining how you should be working the new toy to have a prostate massage that will make you literally feel like you’re going to explode. I know what you’re thinking; how can a girl tell a man how to do a prostate massage? I use a prostate massager all the time when I’m masturbating because Aneros also makes a great male and female prostate massager, but that’s a story for another time.

First thing is first: before you go about trying to stick your Aneros MGX into your ass you really need some lube. Whether you got the lubricant that the Aneros website offers or you have something else lying around, you want to put the lube directly on your asshole. If you put it on the toy then it might become too slippery to deal with. Once you have the lube on you can start to put the Aneros MGX in immediately. Slowly work it in to place or else your prostate massage might not be as pleasant as it should be. Even though the Aneros MGX is designed to give a great prostate massage, it can still be a little tough for beginners so don’t try to rush things.

You’ll notice that there’s a handle on the Aneros MGX. Once you have the toy firmly in place, let go of the handle. That’s right, the Aneros MGX allows for a completely hands-free prostate massage. You will be massaging your prostate by clenching and releasing your muscles. You’ll need to focus at first, but once you start jerking off, you’ll find that the rhythm comes naturally, and so do you.

Choose the Prostate Massager Right for You

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

So, have you played with your ass a little and decided that you enjoyed it? That’s good, because as much as you’ll enjoy some real anal stimulation most girls are also dying to be able to play with a prostate massager on a man. To make things easier on you, it helps to make sure that you get a prostate massager that will hit your male g-spot in a way that will improve your orgasm without a lot of effort on your part. Based on my research, there are two very popular brands that men prefer not only because they are easy to use but because there is a wide selection to pick from.

The Aneros toys have been around for a long time and make great sex toys because they were originally designed as a medical tool, so they are made to be safe for anal pleasure. As they’ve grown in popularity they’ve also changed the different styles they have available. There’s a great prostate massager for guys just starting out called the Aneros MGX. They even have it available in a starter kit with specially designed lube that provides maximum pleasure.

Mangasm toys are just recently coming out, but so far the response to their toys has been incredible. They also have a beginner’s prostate massager called the Mangasm 1, but the style is slightly different. They carry other sizes as well such as the Mangasm 4 which is a prostate massager that will give even more explosive orgasms once your ass gets used to the feeling of something in there. There’s no way to really say which one is better, because really it will depend on you and what you like. Maybe you should try them all, or at least one of each brand.

Prostate Massagers Make Great Sex Toys

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

I’ll be upfront here: I’m a girl and I love anal sex. I like it when a guy plays with my ass, but how is it fair that most men won’t let me use prostate massagers on them? I get that since I have long nails that jamming my fingers up there might be painful so I’ve actually bought prostate massagers for the occasion where a man finally lets me play with him the way he plays with me. Out of my multiple sex partners I’ve had over the years, only one guy has let me teach him how to properly use these awesome sex toys.

I’m surprised that he was the only one because prostate massagers are the key to hitting a man’s g-spot and giving him orgasms that are equivalent to the amazing ones that I get to have (as long as the guy knows what he’s doing). Even though my personal experiences have shown me that guys just don’t want their ass touched my research has shown otherwise. I mean, I wouldn’t have bought prostate massagers that were geared towards men if I had thought that no one would be into it.

Before I buy any sex toy, even the ones for just me, I look into them. I read reviews and check out forums, and based on comments left by straight men prostate massagers are amazing. As long as guys start out slow, it seems that anal stimulation just enhances sex beyond belief. That part I can understand because my g-spot isn’t even directly related to my ass and I can cum just from anal. So, guys, my question to you is why aren’t you willing to try new things? Honestly, next time you’re in the shower just slip a finger in your ass. You won’t regret it.